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17.10.2011 The Hockey News

С мест сообщают:

D Greg Zanon is known as a hard-hitting, shot-blocking, stay-at-home defender. That’s why his goal Saturday — his first in 136 games dating to Dec. 12, 2009 at Vancouver, came as such a surprise. It was his 10th goal in 398 games. And here is an interesting note: Four of his 10 goals have come against Detroit. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Zanon’s 135-game streak without a goal was the second-longest active streak in the NHL behind only Tampa Bay’s Mattias Ohlund (141)

Эх, чутка недотянул до рекорда пасан. 🙂

Souray scored his first goal as a member of the Stars in Saturday’s win over Columbus. It’s his first goal since Jan. 20, 2010.

Не так круто, конечно, как у Зэнона, но тоже ничего.
Надо ли говорить, что оба у меня в фентези-ростере, за что персональное спасибо камраду Александру, который первого не взял, а второго скинул на вейвер. 😉

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