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09.06.2012 L’Equipe: Статистика по мотивам 4-1

Came into play in the 73rd minute of the Russia-Czech Republic ( 4-1 ), Roman Pavlioutchenko, the player on loan at Spurs Lokomotiv has achieved everything he undertook. He scored the last goal Russia (82nd), issued a decisive pass (for the third goal in the 79th Dzagoev signed) and passed all his passes (9 of 9) in 16 minutes of play .. He also became the top scorer in Russian history with the Euro 4 achievements, that of Friday in addition to three goals at Euro 2008 with Russia reached the semi-finals (0-3 defeat against Spain, future champion).
Pavlioutchenko replaced Alexander Kerjakov striker Zenith, which, conversely, had a black evening as he missed the part 7 times (out of 7 shots attempted), a record in the history of a match of the Euro since the introduction of the group stage in 1980. Alan Dzagoev for its part, the second Russian player to score twice in final phase of the Euro, after Valentin Ivanov for the USSR in 1960. At 21 (22 June 17), it is also the second youngest player to achieve two goals at Euro after Wayne Rooney (18 in 2004). Russia had never scored as many in one Euro. The RTC had never conceded so many goals

Рома по итогам матча стал со своим четвертым голом на Евро лучшим снайпером в российской истории участия в ЧЕ.
Керж побил своеобразный рекорд чемпионатов Европы с семью промахами из семи ударов в сторону ворот.
Алан Дзагоев стал вторым русским, сделавшим дубль на Евро со времен Валентина Иванова в 1960 году.
Он же стал вторым по молодости игроком после Руни, сделавшим на Евро дубль: Руни было 18 лет в 2004 году, Дзагоеву сейчас 21.
Россия ранее не забивала на Евро 4 гола в одном матче, а чехи, в свою очередь, никогда столько не пропускали.


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